Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Currency Analysis

 Forex analysis is used by retail forex day traders to determine buy or sell decisions on currency pairs.

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Bitcoin Price Crashes, All-Time High Record Remains

After an eminent steady rise for the past few weeks, bitcoin finally tumbles. Bitcoin price plunges hard, marking the sharpest fall in 12 weeks. Due to the sudden decline, analysts start to question whether this circumstance will lead to more...

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Bitcoin Price Shows No Sign of Dropping

Bitcoin still does not show any sign of faltering. In the same week, the price for bitcoin grew from $17,000, 18,000, and now nearing its all-time high record at $19,783. With bitcoin's current growth, will the cryptocurrency's price eventually value...

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Big Investors Drive Bitcoin Price Higher

Bitcoin debunks previous forecasts saying its success is merely another bubble. Big investors have triggered bitcoin price even higher than what analysts expected. With bitcoin's movement in the present, the future of bitcoin is still a big question mark. Paypal...

strongest currency

10 of the Strongest Currency in the World

Perhaps many think that the British pound is the world's strongest currency. However, due to dynamic world economic conditions, there are currencies that are more expensive than the pound. Quoting from FXSSI, Friday (13/11/2020), here are the 10 strongest currencies...

pros and cons

Altcoins: Pros and Cons

As we know that altcoins is alternatives of Bitcoin. It also works much like Bitcoin. Well, in this article we will talk about Altcoins' pros and cons based on The Balance. Altcoins' Pros First, Altcoins are able to improve on...


Understanding Altcoins

An alternative for Bitcoin is Altcoins. They are cryptocurrencies that use a technology known as blockchain that allows protected peer-to-peer transactions. Altcoins construct on the success of Bitcoin with the aid of barely altering the guidelines to attract specific users....

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Bitcoin and Altcoins Reemergence Mirrors 2017

The strong concurrent in bitcoin and altcoins reemergence is stronger than experts have predicted. The sudden skyrocketing value mirrors the bubble phenomenon in 2017. Experts further suspect the coronavirus pandemic along with actions made by the Federal Bank and other...

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Bitcoin Spikes 180% Amidst Coronavirus Pandemic

CNN Business reports the price for bitcoin spikes for about more than 180% since mid-March. The weakening US dollar index in the past few months seem to have majorly affected bitcoin’s price. Though bitcoin trading sounds promising, it is still...

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