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Deal with Margin Calls

Understanding How to Deal with Margin Calls

Margin calls (MC) often make novice traders afraid when trading. In one second, your funds can be siphoned off or expired because of Margin Calls. According to Investopedia, margin calls occur when the value of an investor's margin account falls...

Trading Robots

Fatal Mistakes in Finding Trading Robots

Many traders like the use of trading robots or expert advisors (EAs) in conducting forex transactions. According to Investopedia, trading robot is a computer program based on a set of trading signals that helps traders to determine whether to buy...

Trading Profit

4 Dangers that Threaten Trading Profit

From the beginning, forex trading is a high risk business because it deals with markets whose movements cannot be predicted with certainty. There are many traders who experience loss because of wrong prediction. Trading profit is very possible to achieve....

consistent trading profits

Why can’t You Get Consistent Trading Profits?

You may often see traders who experience euphoria in winning so they forget the trading management. The main concern of the trader diverts itself is after the market turns the transaction. As a result, traders may experience significant losses after...

Cross-Currency Pair

Cross-Currency Pair Trading, Are You Interested?

Lately, the cross-currency pair is more tempting. Major currency pairs are still a favorite of world traders. According to Investopedia, cross-currency pairs can be excellent tools for forex traders. Besides, cross pairs are increasingly attracting attention because they allow us...

Trading Problems

Let’s Solve Your Trading Problems at Home

The spread of the Coronavirus has stopped many activities. However, not all activities are affected by these restrictions, one of which is forex trading. This is because you can trade forex anywhere, as long as you have a good internet...

Trading at Home

Should I Start Trading at Home?

In early 2020, human activity is changing dramatically due to the spread of the Coronavirus. If you want to start trading at home, this is the right time because you can stay productive at home. If you are a beginner,...

learning forex

What You Need to Know in Learning Forex Trading

For many people, the forex market is indeed attractive because of its several advantages. For example, deposits with funds that are increasingly affordable and great opportunities to get multiplied profits. However, you must know that forex trading is not merely...

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