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An Introduction to Renewable Energy Certificate (REC)

Global warming is urging businesses to prioritize sustainability in its practice. To help renewable energy projects compete with less sustainable companies, the market-based instrument gave birth to a Renewable Energy Certificate (REC). How does a Renewable Energy Certificate (REC) work?...

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4 Right Ways to Choose Profitable Stocks

4 important things in the top down analysis approach in conducting fundamental analysis in order to choose profitable stocks, the following is the explanation: 1. Macroeconomic analysis Macroeconomic analysis includes an analysis of current economic conditions and their effects on...

US Dollar

Wanna Take Profits in Stocks? Here’s the Tips!

Investing in the capital market promises abundant supply. Apart from the benefits of capital gains or the increase in stock value, capital market investors can also take profits from dividend distribution from stocks. But keep in mind, stocks are an...

day trading

How to Invest in Blue Chip Stocks?

Before buying stocks, you should consult an investment advisor, or another professional advisor, in addition to performing your own research on the best-performing companies. Evaluate the recent annual and quarterly published reports of stocks to understand their performance. And also...


Make a Trading Plan for Consistent Profit

A trading plan is a set of guidelines that will help traders to achieve their goals. The trading plan is useful to help you focus on planning and implementing trading strategies. According to Investopedia, a trading plan outlines how a...

Forex Business

3 Things that Make Your Forex Business Fail

You need to know that every business needs knowledge, time, patience, and sincerity in running it. This also applies to the world of forex business. This is probably why many beginners have not been able to master the forex trading...

Deal with Margin Calls

Understanding How to Deal with Margin Calls

Margin calls (MC) often make novice traders afraid when trading. In one second, your funds can be siphoned off or expired because of Margin Calls. According to Investopedia, margin calls occur when the value of an investor's margin account falls...

Trading Robots

Fatal Mistakes in Finding Trading Robots

Many traders like the use of trading robots or expert advisors (EAs) in conducting forex transactions. According to Investopedia, trading robot is a computer program based on a set of trading signals that helps traders to determine whether to buy...

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