Saturday, February 27, 2021

Market Analysis

window dressing

Get to Know Window Dressing Phenomenon

As well as cosmetics used by women to beautify their faces, window dressing is also famous in investment. Window dressing often used by investment managers and public companies. In order to enhance the appearance of their portfolio or the performance...

asian stock market

Dow Jones Hits New Record, Asian Stock Markets Surge

Asian stock markets opened higher on Tuesday (11/24/2020), following the United States (US) stock exchange, Wall Street. Wall Street closed brightly excited on Tuesday (11/24/2020), after the smooth transition of US President-elect Joe Biden. Nikkei index in Japan opened up...

october effect

October Effect: The Worst Month for Stocks?

The October Effect is the assumption that the stock market tends to decline during October. There is a historical background to this assumption, as some of the biggest market crushes in October. October Effect is unjustified However, the survey results...

Photo by Kay at Unsplash

SBI Card Limps, Is Covid-19 to Blame?

Credit Card & Allied Services industry of India’s SBI Cards and Payment Services Ltd stumbles due to coronavirus’ attack. SBI Card‘s struggle to exceed the previous quarter’s sales impacted its share unsteady movement. Experts fear result may worsen with the...

Large Value Payments: Central Banks’ Approach

Large-value payments is as bank-to-bank payments in other words. It is this special type of agent which determines their great size and high speed. Since their liabilities are a means of trade, by their very definition banks must process vast...

How Cross-Border Payments Looks Like

Everyone needs cross-border payments. Innovations in domestic retail payments in recent years have advanced at a gravity-defying rate, generating previously unprecedented gains for customers. The idea of trans-boundary payments being as smooth and convenient as domestic payments is becoming a...

Butanediol (BDO) in Industry 2019-2020

A recent market analysis sheds light on some of the leading factors. It expected to affect the growth of the demand for 1,4 Butanediol (BDO) over the coming decade. The well-researched market analysis touches upon the growth potential in the...

How Oil and Gas Take Part in the Global Economy

Oil and gas are one of the world's premier commodities. It is  a primary energy source to help all the living world. For instance, in the form of automobiles, aircraft, heating, asphalt and electricity after converted into the petroleum. Besides...

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